Merger Control

We assist our clients in merger control with respect to M&As across a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to energy, telecommunications, aviation, banking & finance, healthcare & life sciences, IT and food and beverages. We follow up and conclude all phases of notifications to the Competition Authority in relation to these transactions.

Cartels and Abuse of Dominant Positions

We represent companies both as plaintiffs and defendants in claims of price-fixing, customer allocation, tying, exclusive dealing, price discrimination and abuse of dominant positions from the initiation of an investigation by dawn raid until the investigation is finalized.

Restrictive Practices and Agreements

We advise our clients in sectors such as telecommunications, banking and finance, healthcare & life sciences, automotive, food and beverages, energy and consumer goods on the potential antitrust/competition issues arising out of their commercial agreements and arrangements, including but not limited to distribution, licensing, franchise, agency, supply, purchase, research and development and structuring agreements.


We offer tailor made programs, including written guidelines and training programs to the legal and business teams of our clients based on their needs and concerns for them to ensure competition law compliance.
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