“We provide consultancy services on all kinds of issues related to individual and collective labour law in order to ensure the proper functioning of business and operation, to maintain a healthy relationship between employees and employers, and to minimise the risk of disputes that may arise from employment contracts. In this context, we provide advice on various issues, such as drafting agreements, in particular employment contracts, subcontracting agreements, temporary employment contracts and transfers of employees; reviewing handbooks prepared by the companies and ensuring the compliance of the company’s policies with the legislation; providing opinions and suggestions on daily issues with employees.
We also give advice on labor law consequences of splitting up of companies and transfer of workplaces including but not limited to the risk assessment regarding and we evaluate M&A transactions and privatizations with regard to all aspects of Turkish Labor Law.”

Labor law disputes

Our Employment Department successfully represents clients in disputes relating to contracts with senior executives such as CEOs and CFOs, reinstatement of employees, employment rights and claims, compensation claims arising from industrial accidents and various disputes arising from employment contracts.


“Our Employment Department provides training services to relevant departments and units on employee management and human resources issues. “
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