Real Estate


We assist landlords, tenants and lenders through the entire leasing process, for all types of leases under Turkish Law and for different types of immovables such as apartments, shopping malls, restaurants, lands, aircrafts and large scale developments. We handle all matters related to commercial, industrial, office and retail leases, from the negotiation of terms to the review and preparation of final lease agreements.

Construction and Development

We provide legal consultancy services for owners, developers, general contractors or sub-contractors. We have been involved in various projects of foreign real estate development groups that have entered into the Turkish market in the past years. Our legal consultancy services include drafting of the joint venture agreement for the construction and development of the project. We routinely conduct all due diligence on behalf of the parties in a real estate transaction by gathering all the relevant information from relevant authorities. We also assist our clients for the establishment or the cancellation of in-rem rights over immovables.

Real Estate Disputes

We have an extensive experience in real estate related disputes including lawsuits between purchasers and sellers of real estate, rezoning and permits, evacuation lawsuits, and determination of the lease price.
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