Intellectual Property

IP Related Agreements

We provide our clients legal assistance with regard to copyright, trademark and other intellectual and industrial property rights issues, particularly in M&A deals, specific IP related agreements, trademark applications and preparation of assessments and memoranda on various aspects of Turkish Intellectual Property Law.

IP Litigation

We represent many clients in patent, trademark and copyright infringement lawsuits, licensing lawsuits, and trade secret lawsuits.


“We provide research and survey services to our clients with respect to the trademarks, patents and utility models that have been registered with the Turkish Patent Institute. In this respect, we also provide preliminary reports and assessments with respect to any prospective trademark applications. Furthermore, we provide similar services in connection with website applications and status of currently valid websites.
We also provide our clients assistance on strategies and possible options against infringements of intellectual and industrial property rights and, together with the assistance of our litigation department we provide the necessary knowledge, experience and dedication to our clients in order to protect their intellectual property rights from unwelcome claims of third parties.”

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